The ames Family

Genealogy to me was a very boring subject, something perhaps for some one in their old age to sit and research and ponder over, until that is, a cousin sent me a couple of photo's of my ancestors.

Having looked at them a couple of times I began to wonder what kind of life they had lived, good, bad, poor rich, if they had been some one of importance, and so I began to delve.

It seems my ancestors as far as I can established never moved very far from aston over 200 years but one, my great great great grandfather, Obadiah snr (son of Solomon ames) went to Hungary on a visit and his wife gave birth to a son there Obadiah ames jnr.

Intrigued I delved further and discovered that quiet a few of my ancestors were gunmakers, so obviously they had wealth on there side and could travel. another, Edwin ames brother to Obadiah jnr and his wife Keziah was a master engraver in the old jewellry quarter.

Now for some reason this family have just vanished, nothing can be found of Keziah after the 1851 census so what happened to her, did she die, did they emigrate? If so where to?

Here are two photos presumed to be Edwin ames master engraver and his wife Keziah ames nee Peers and their children.

If you feel you have seen these photo's before or can identify them or are connected to them in any way I will be delighted to hear from you.

The other photo's are also relatives but it's difficult to know where they fit in, are they your relatives perhaps, do you have the identical pictures at home? Do you hold the key!

Of all the things I have received over the years from relatives and friends the most intriguing must be the birth certificate of Eliza Hpkins ames (Parents John and Matilda ames) which I can get loads of information from but have no idea why it was sent to me and where this person fits into my tree.

If it's your grandma please do get in contact with are going to be very lucky as I have lots of information on her family tree.