The Morris Family by Becky Morris Granddaughter of BHc Harold Morris

My Grandfather was Harold Morris born in aston Manor august 28 1898. 11th child born to Thomas & Eliza Morris she died in 1899 giving birth to number 12. I don't know much about his life in England Mother said " She remembers him telling stories of stand on street corner singing for money with his sisters.

about 1907 Harold age 9 was turned over to Middle More Homes sent to canada a long with his sister Elsie age 10, brother Herbert age 13 to work. His father was sentenced to 2-year hard labour for assault on two of his children

The 3 Morris children where shipped out on the ship the carthaginian in 1908 from Liverpool 16 May1908 port of arrival was Halifax arrival date was 28 May 1908 Records show that Elise lived with Mrs. E. c. Secord in Framerston, carleston cO NB until July 1915 and Herbert lived with her too until 1913 Elise became a Teacher

Herbert: was a logger in canada then after WW1 he and a friend came to the USa New York area and bought a farm The friend wanted to go back to North country so Herbert took over the farm. In December of 7th 1922 Herbert married Miss Lottie Salisbury who father had the farm next to his They worked very hard milking many cows all by hand in July 28 1957 Herbert died my taking his own life at the age of 63.

Elsie: at 18 she was brought to california by Harold to live with her sister Minnie & her husband albert Watton in 1918. They travelled by the canadian Pacific railroad across the Rocky Mountains crossing the american border at Blaine Washington to Southern california.

There she met and Married clid Stephens She had two children died in 1982 in california. Harold: Was a wonderful very calm man. after taking Elsie to california. Grandpa stay with his sister until he could find work he bought a Motorcycle and went to the Imperial Valley of california where he found work on a ranch He worked 6 years there I remember him telling use story of see ing Poncho Via (Mexican bandit) and making ropes for us Grandkids jumping through the hoops like the cowboys did. He remembers riding horse back to Yuma which took 4 days (now it takes 2 hr) 60miles away .He was working as a ranch hand on a farm in Lancaster california. When he met and married Valda Wait

On May 21,1925 .She was born in Washington State September 28th 1907 they had moved to california. for her father health but he didn't like the weather so wanted to go back home to Washington so on June 1, 1925 They all Packed up and moved Back Grandpa had a nick name of Shorty cause he was a little man He may have been Short but he could out work the best of any man . He was a logger, he worked for Wait Shingle mill He be came an american citizen in 1933. children of Valda & Harold's they had 6 children and 22 grand children 34 greats, 17 great great grandchildren

Grandpa Never looked back he loved life. He loved us all with all he could had. always had food to eat he planted gardens for all he would give it away to family and friends. He al way had a smile for everyone no one was a stranger for long. He died at the age of 95 in aug. 17 1984. Very much missed. They were married for 59 wonderful years. Grandma Valda died age of 94 in June of 2001. at 83 she wrote some of the family history on which some of my info is basic.

The 1st. Picture is of Great grandparents Thomas & Eliza Morris. The 2nd is of Grandparent Harold and Valda Morris