My Osborne Family

Grandad - George Herbert Osborne(with drum)
Grandad - George Herbert Osborne (with drum)

Grandad brought his family up in Handsworth in crompton Road, but before that all his family came from aston, right back to the 16th/17th centuries.

Unfortunately, a lot of the Parish Records pages at that time consist of only a few dots! It is, therefore, impossible to trace them back any further than I have.

I have traced other Osbornes though, back to 1602 - a Humphrey Osborne.

My family is as follows:

Edward Osborne about 1634 Birmingham
William Osborn son of Edward and Dorothy? 11/05/1655 aston Juxta
Joseph Osborne son of William (born 20/04/1686) 01/05/1686 St Martin's
William Osboorn son of Joseph 08/11/1715 St Martin's
William son of William and Mary? 23/05/1755 St Martin's
adam Thomas Osborn son of William & Susannah Undrill 02/01/1792 St Philip's
Henry Osborne son of adam and Sarah Bridgens 30/07/1821 St Martin's
John Osborne son of Henry and Sarah Bridge 03/04/1856 St Mary's
George Herbert Osborne son of John Osborne and Jane colesby 15/06/1891
Ida Mary Osborne dau of George Osborne and alice Mary Bunce 26/01/1927

census Records
22 New St aston Manor

John Osborne 45 brass founder Burslem Staffs
Jane 47 Birmingham
Henry J 21 Brass founder aston Manor
alfred 17 brass founder Birmingham
John 15 brass founder Birmingham
George 9 aston Manor
alice 5 aston Manor

court 5 Lennox St aston Manor

John Osborn 37 brass founder Burslem Staffs
Jane Osborne 37 Warwickshire aston
Henry 11 Birmingham
alfred 8 Birmingham
John 6 Birmingham
William 2 Birmingham

72 New John Street West

Henry OSBORNE Head M Male 62 B'ham, Warwick Brassfounder
Sarah OSBORNE Wife F Female 61 Wolverhampton, Stafford Housewife
census Place Birmingham, Warwick, England
Family History Library Film ;1341715
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece Folio 2994 / 20
Page Number 34

Their son, John Osborne, and his family are not on 1881 census but were married by this time and had a son called Henry.

50 Hampton Street, St George's Parish, Birmingham

John Osborne b 1856 Burslem Brassfounder
Father Henry Osborne b 1819 Birmingham Brassfounder
Sarah Osborne 1820 Wolverhampton Staffordshire Tobacconist
Daughter Jane Osborne 1851

32 Lancaster Street, St George's Parish, Birmingham

Henry Osborne c 1820 Birmingham Brasscaster
Sarah Osborne c 1819 Wolverhampton
William c 1844 Birmingham chandelier Fitter
Henry c 1848 Birmingham Brass clasp Maker
Jane c 1851 Birmingham
Thomas c 1853 Birmingham
John c 1856 Birmingham

43 charles Street, Birmingham, St Martin's Parish

Henry Osborne Head 33 Brassfounder Birmingham
Sarah Wife 32 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Sarah Daughter 8 Scholar Birmingham
William Son 4 Birmingham
Henry Son 2 Birmingham

Mosely St Bordesley,1,

Henry Osborn,23,,Brass Founder,WaR,
Sarah Osborn,,24,,WaR,

Mosely St Bordesley,1,

adam Osborn,52,,File Maker,WaR,
Sarah Osborn,,46,,WaR,
Susannah Osborn,,17,,WaR,
ann Osborn,,14,,WaR,

aston cross
My Grandmother alice Bunce

aston cross
My Mother George and alice's daughter
This was taken in May 2006 on the Isle of Wight