Paddington Street
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My Nan's by Lyn Harrington

Me in Nan's back garden

I was born at 4 back of12 Paddington Street at my Nan's house. Her name was Lily Wood. Mom and Dad had not yet got their own house so it was Nan they moved in with after they married.

My memories are very vivid of Nan's house. It was warm, cosy, clean as a new pin and full of laughter. Nan had a small back garden where dad used to keep his budgies and how well I remember old Mr and Mrs Townley who lived next door. Mr Townley kept pidgeons

Every sunday they would invite me in and oh how the smell the Lavender Polish that Mrs Townley used is still with me to this day. I recall it came in a round tin and was purple in colour. Can you remember that? All that was mixed in with the smell of Sunday roast in the oven and the Archers on the radio.

Next door the other way but on the front lived Nan's sister Maud and across the road lived other members of the family. Lets take a trip out of the back door and up the entry.

Turn left and we had the brewhouses. Turn right and thats where the miskins were kept. Straight ahead were the outside toilets. No soft toilet roll in those days. It was newspaper cut into squares and hung on a hook on the wall.

I've only recently discoverd that the old Aston Brook ran right under Nan's back garden. What history I had beneath my feet and didnt know it.

I left Paddington Street when I was 5 to move to Villa Street but still continued to visit my Nan until she was moved due to what was called the slum clearances.

I've said it before and I will say it again. They can pull down your house and discard your street but your memories.

No they can never be taken away.

Photos of Paddington street showing numbers 6 to 26 as you know I was born at 4/12 my Nan's sister lived in the front house at number 14 and her brother lived at no 18


Showing numbers 16 to 38 and a better shot of no 18 2nd from right by the lampost you can just see the Crocodile works at the end

Paddington  Street with Guildford Street running across the bottom

My Dad George with his mother in law Lily in his arms
in the back yard of Paddington Street

Mom, Beryl Harrington and Nan, Lily Wood

Dad playing darts
Note the old mangle in the background by the brewhouse

Mom and Dad,  Beryl and George Harrington
in Nan's back yard
just after their marriage at St Georges Church