Summer Lane Page 12 - Poems by Brian Harding

My Dream Came True

I went for a walk once again
Up to Baileys at the top of the lane
To look once again that Raleigh bike
The one with Derailer gears was the one I liked
I would love to have that bike to ride on home
But eighteen pounds was a very dear buy
For I was only a post office messenger boy
But with some back pay from a rise I'd had
I went off home to ask our dad
If he would guarantee me for that Raleigh bike
With dropped handlebars, and blue paint what I liked
Our mom said go on ask him when he got in
She said go on fred cant you see the state he's in
Dad said alright,alright settle down now
I'll just have a wash and go right now
So off we went up the lane side by side
I was going to show me dad the bike I wanted to ride
Look at that then dad I said so proud
With my fingers crossed I spoke aloud
I whispered please,please say yes
I stood there waiting I did'nt want to guess
What he was thinking he didn't show
I was thinking is it yes or is it no
He turned to me looking oh so very sad
Then said go on get your bike me lad

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Just to walk down the old Summer Lane
It's just a dream now, it aint the same
All the good people have left the old lane
But some of them come back for a look once again
But nothing is left how it used to be
There aint no shops to go to see
There's no kids a playing in the gutter
No kids a splashing in the pools of water
No cries of [what yo dooin rose?]!!
Gooin to the pawn shop I suppose
There's nowhere to go if you have money to spend
There aint no atmosphere down the old end
Dear old Newtown row has gone the same
So has the high street what a shame
There aint no picture houses to go to see
All you can do is watch the repeats on tv
This world is such a merry go round
We had no money but we were proud
We treated our elders with awe and respect
Or we would know what we would get
But now manners have gone down the suff
Because money is ''God'' and they cant get enough

The Summer Lane Kid

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A Day Out in Whitby

I went to whitby for the day
And what a unique place I must say
I went for a ride in my wheelchair
I went here and there and everywhere
Then as I sat for a rest in my wheelchair
This couple came up to me and the lady said exscuse us sir
Are you here on holiday?
I replied politely oh no missus I'm only here for the day
"OH" what a lovely accent I heard this lady say
Are you from the midlands? she politely asked of me
I replied quite proudly, yes missus I'm a brummy that's me
Why we are the backbone of this country
As anyone can truly see

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